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Do you make OEM product? And what is the process of OEM sample?

Do you make OEM product? And what is the process of OEM sample?

Update Time:2020/11/27

1. Design the drawing

Mold generally need to make 2D or 3D design drawings, 

but I sometimes our customers only got samples or just some detail technical data.Well, 

our professional engineer to help you design drawings,

We first help you design the 2D and 3D drawing according to the original sample 

or detail technical data client offer.

 And then send the drawing designed for your confirmation


2.Tooling production

After getting your confirmation of drawings.

We begin to make tooling production. 

Mold master design good programming,we use CNC machine as tools,Usually mold is very complex, 

technical content is also very high,So the production time will be a little longer,

 the general delivery period is 5-15 days,

if the mold is very simple, it will make it within 5 days,

if more complex mold, we may take more time to make !


3.Organize raw material of sample

Our engineer will organize all kinds of raw material for samples according to the property of this part

These raw material are processed by internal mixer machinery.

4. Sample production

All kinds of raw material organized as the formula are put into the tooling

According to mold  had made before,the mold will be heating, adjusting, washing, 

testing on machine, 

so we can design products forming time.

and they are processed by vulcanization machinery, finally new sample is made out.

when products first time be make, we need to testing the size color hardness,

 which make sure about everything as customer request

And sample with proper package is sent to client to check the quality.

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