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As a leading provider of rubber molding products, extruded rubber profiles, plastic custom parts 

for a wide range of industries and applications worldwide.

Qingdao Weilian Plastic & Rubber Co., LTD  offers multiple extrusion, compression molding, injection molding 

including processes for a wide range of elastomeric materials: EPDM rubber, nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber, 

silicone rubber and thermoplastic vulcanization.


Molded Rubber Parts Processes include compression molding, transfer molding, and rubber injection molding.


Compression Molding

l  It is best used for low to medium production volumes for larger parts where tightest tolerances 

and flawless finishes are not required.

l  Compression molding is defined by taking a pre-measured amount of raw rubber material that is placed 

into a heated open lower mold cavity. The top cavity is then forced closed, causing the raw material to 

flow through the shape of the mold. After curing, the mold cavity is opened 

and the shapes can be removed

Transfer molding

l  It is used for products that require a good surface finish and tight dimensional & mechanical stability. 

And allows for flexible design and rapid manufacturing of parts while keeping production costs low

l  Transfer molding is a form of rubber production in which the raw material is measured, heated 

and then forced into chamber. A plunger is used to force the material into the mold using a system of 

runners and channels to thoroughly fill the closed mold. The mold is heated to cure the raw material.

 The mold is then opened and the molded parts can be removed.

Rubber Injection Molding


l  Rubber injection molding is most effective for a high-volume manufacture of small parts that 

require high tolerances and little or no finishing after production

l  Injection molding is a manufacturing process accomplished by taking raw, uncured rubber 

and forcing it into a heated mold using a reciprocating screw. 

The material is formed and cured under heat and pressure, then removed to cool as a custom shape


Extruding Capabilities: 

Offers extrusions capabilities for Rubber extrusion, thermoplastic extrusion, and silicone extrusion.


Professional Rubber&Plastic Part R&D and Manufacturing
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