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auto rubber part
Auto molded rubber parts

All kinds of molded rubber parts are used for 

automobile. Such as rubber radiator hose, rubber 

grommet, rubber bellow, rubber mounting/buffer and so on.

They have separate function in automobile .

To connect the radiator and the other part of the 

device safely we use the radiator hose.

To reduce the noise and thermal movements along 

with the reduction of the vibrations between the 

equipment of automobile.

For protecting the cables that pass through the metal 

parts we use a rubber grommet

Rubber buffer can be used to reduce the noise in the 

base of the power transformers

auto extruded seal
Auto extruded seal

All kinds of extruded rubber profile are used for 

automobile. Such as rubber weather strip, rubber 

door seal, rubber window seal. Rubber edge trim and so on.

Rubber Weather strips are a crucial part of any vehicle 

which effectively seal the inside of the vehicle and 

prevent various outside elements like water, air, dust 

and noise from entering the vehicle cabin.

The rubber door and window seal is attached to 

vehicle door with self-adhesive tape or plastic 

retaining clips and acts as the first sealing barrier 

between vehicle door or window and body. The 

primary door seal is used together with secondary 

door seal to achieve better performance.

The rubber trim seal fits into vehicle body panel and 

plays a major role in isolating the vehicle cabin from 

outside water, air, dust and noise. The door seal also 

buffers impacts from the opening and closing of door 

and ensures easy closing and better sealing effect.

 It is often coated with colored EPDM rubber which 

has the same pattern with vehicle interior to provide 

elegant appearance

The mostly used material for manufacturing weather 

strips is EPDM rubber which has superior resistance to 

outdoor weather, water, ozone, sunlight, etc. TPE/TPV 

and PVC are also used for some parts.

The structure of door seal is as below

EPDM Sponge Rubber

EPDM Solid Rubber + EPDM Sponge Rubber

EPDM Solid Rubber + EPDM Sponge Rubber + Metal Carrier

EPDM Solid + EPDM Sponge Rubber + Metal Carrier + 

Colored EPDM Coat

Flocked Glass Run Channel (EPDM Solid Rubber + Flock)

Coated Glass Run Channel (EPDM Solid Rubber + Polyurethane Coating)

Hybrid Glass Run Channel (EPDM Solid Rubber + TPE Slip-coating)

TPE-V (TPV) Extruded Glass Run Channel (TPV + Co-extruded on slip-coating)

PVC+Metal Insert+Flock

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