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white color rubber silicone grommet

white color rubber silicone grommet

Apr 19,2020

Rubber grommet


Material: Silicone

Hardness: 55ShA

Color: White

Size : A=10mm   B=12mm  C=17mm   D=1mm  E=7.5mm

The property of silicone grommet

1.Environmentally friendly material


Tasteless, non-toxic ,flexibility strong ,safety and practical

2.Safe and reliable, flame retardant and corrosion resistant

High quality synthetic rubber flame retardant anti - static, corrosion resistant long use life 


The function of rubber grommet

Sealing and protect the wire from other objects scratch


Application environment


The rubber grommet has widely use. Mainly Used for High and low voltage electrical cabinet body, box body outlet protection seal,


protect the wire from cabinet body scratch

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